Wear the hat that started a thousand arguments, and finished each discussion with honor and dignity. The hat that pokes fun at folks who are taking things just a little bit too seriously. The CLEARCUT TREE SERVICE hat says it all. As you turn to engage in a lively discussion, the back of your hat invites input as the viewer behind you reads "OVER 30,000 CONFIRMED KILLS". Made with the highest quality cotton, pro-umpire grade billed hat, these will give you years of proud entertainment. Within minutes of donning the cap, you may find yourself professing wisdom packed statements such as, "no one should be held hostage to uncontrolled vegetation", or "removal is always a good idea". If asked if the hat is for real, you may even claim, "heard hes got the satellite photos to prove it". Definitely an icebreaker for those encounters which would have been potentially unremarkable, this hat can inspire conversation at a glance.



Clearly identify yourself as a person that "does not care to use recycled toilet paper at this time". Step up to the plate, out of the shady overstory and into the sunshine with your excellent cap. Adjustable in size, and in one color only; "dignified black". The hat sports graphics of a mixed specie conifer forest standing in proud readiness for harvest. These hats are a must for almost any social engagement. Graphics on back may be divided into two lines.



Just as the sole owner of CLEARCUT TREE SERVICE sports this hat while doing difficult tree takedowns, you too can join the brotherhood of hat owner/operators by ordering today. This is a quality hat, with an inspiring message.


Hats will be mailed to US addresses only, and via United States Postal Service. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, though 1-3 weeks is likely.


Cost of each Hat: $20 plus $7 for mailing.

(Juneau, Alaska, residents must also include 5% sales tax) Do not send cash, please. Preferred payment method is via PayPal.


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